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There is a ton of address book apps especially available for iOS, but many of them struggle simply because they rely on social network integration. Simpler Contacts, however, is an app which keeps things really simple and has enough features to give you the best of your contacts.

In a nutshell, Simpler Contacts is better than the iOS in built default app, judging by the fans. IF you are asking yourself what can this app give you that your default iOS address book cannot, it is the various search parameters, the quick contact group creation, group texting and email for groups and even the integration with Dropbox, Google Drive or Email. But that’s not everything.


Simpler is an app being all simple. From importing your contacts into it, you can start searching through them and creating groups, or even removing duplicates which is a common issue. The best thing, however, is the group management feature of this app which allows you to create default groups of people you send texts or emails to.

In times when you are struggling to find a contact with a job title, or an upcoming birthday, Simpler Contacts can help you – with the great filters coming handy at many times. Backing up and exporting your contacts to a great deal of services is also a wonderful spin-off feature for Simpler Contacts, so if you decide to leave the app or your phone, importing your contacts from elsewhere will never be a problem.

The only fallback of Simpler Contacts comes exactly with the social network integration which most of today’s address books do. And while for some this is a fallback, for others it’s an advantage, since the address book apps have big issues with the changing API settings on social networks, which tend to bug their apps. This is not an issue with Simpler, however.


Apart from this fact, fancier features like adding contacts from business cards or setting tags are not present. However, if you have thousands of contacts and experience difficulties in organizing them, Simpler is definitely the app that will eventually make your life easier.