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ShipMate is one of the best apps to find the perfect cruise. With having anything from booking port excursions to tips from previous users, this app gives a great sneak peek of the ship through deck cameras, which is another great feature for every traveler.

Adding your upcoming cruise to the app and getting all the details on the ship, excursions, passenger reviews and more is what ShipMate excels at.


For every traveler trying to pick a cruise, ShipMate gives specific cruise information and has a large variety of ships within its content. You can explore the details of ports, ships and locations with the in-app map as well, which works well in terms of not needing to switch the app for Google or iOS maps. Speaking of Google and iOS, ShipMate supports both operating systems and works brilliantly on both of them as well.

Whether it is a Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney or Norwegian, ShipMate has all the popular cruisers and is definitely of great assistance to know which one you should pick or which one is more suited towards your needs. Additionally, with ShipMate you will be master enough to select the best room by using the app’s deck plan.

Also, you can see what your potential dining options will be on the cruiser you are considering and sleep well knowing the food is going to be delicious! For port fanatics, the app also lets you know whether your favorite port is on the destination list. Precise enough and neat, ShipMate is what every tourist needs for an upcoming cruising event.


Basically, ShipMate tailors to your needs and finds a solution for you. Instead of you running through many filters, it gives exact information about every cruiser which is beneficial to the user. The shipping consultant ShipMate is also free in both Google Play and iOS stores – making you love the app even more.

So, have you planned your next cruising? Just when you thought there is not an app for that, it seems like there is – and it is magnificent!