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Samurais were the best warriors in Japan. Their culture also made them the most appreciated soldiers in Japan’s history. Now, years after they are gone, we still remember them with the media in the first place. Samurai Blitz is a game featuring samurais in the constant battle – it is a game of endless action and a brilliant experience.

Even though Samurai Blitz is a runner game, it is really deep in quality. Boot jumping and slashing makes the samurai skilled and gives you an engaging feel, but the best part is yet to come.

It is the fact that every enemy you ‘slice’ gives you a small air boost so you can delay your attacks and keep your legs from touching the ground – meaning bigger combo attacks and pure action!


Samurai Blitz is not a difficult game at all – it is simplistic in nature and amazingly responsive. With tapping the left side of the screen, you jump, and the right side in the same manner is a command for attack. With three hearts as your lives, you can take damage 3 times, after which you die. Afterwards, you can still revive using a portion of the earnings you’ve earned. This is a perfect way to engage people to press on more and evade any mistakes.

The samurai attacks with not only his aesthetic sword – there is also a fireball and a defensive barrier that you can use to protect and defend yourself. It is a game with full action and amazing scenery, but however failing in graphics. The graphics can definitely be better, aside from the fact that it is designed to be a runner game. After all, today people live as much realistic games and not Nintendo variations of some kind.


Finally, Samurai Blitz is amazingly addictive and will make you master it to the very end. It is easy to be learned and really interactive.

You can play it everywhere as it’s not very mindful, yet active and entertaining. The market hopes to get a newer version of this game – which will eventually be better than its predecessor in terms of resolution and graphics – and beat every other Samurai game.