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Samsung is known for launching a number of products almost similarly priced and sharing common aspects.

These phones are separated only by the odd feature or two. This is the case with the duo of the Galaxy J7 and the Galaxy J5. The two phones have a lot in common and this begins with the design element.


Both phones cannot be discerned at a quick glance, as it is the mere screen space separating them apart. The Galaxy J7 is the larger of the two – predictable by the nomenclature – and it offers a 5.5 inch screen to take care of the display department.

The Galaxy J5 comes with a slightly smaller 5 inch screen, but it should not be at a gross disadvantage in terms of viewing pleasure. This is likely due to the similar resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels adopted in the two panels.


Operating System and Power

Samsung has been known for offering fast updates to the Android operating system and this is the case with these two siblings as well. Both come with the latest 5.1 version of the Android OS.

While the slightly more expensive Galaxy J7 comes with a snapdragon 610 chipset powering this operating system, the Galaxy J5 goes for a slightly inferior snapdragon 410 range chipset. The former is an octa core heart whereas the Galaxy J5 comes with a quad core heart. In terms of clock speed, they are roughly similar, but the presence of four extra cores means that they are quite different with regard to their performance.


Other aspects of the competition like a camera is similar. Both come with the same 13 megapixel camera that has a range of functionalities like face detection, autofocus and LED flash.

Aside from offering the LED flash option for the rear camera, both devices offer the same for the front camera as well. The front camera is a five megapixel shooter for great self-portraits.



The pictures and videos recorded using this camera can be stored either on the internal memory or on the external memory cards that are accepted by the phone. Higher end versions of Samsung phones have started doing away with external memory card support altogether, but they continue to be a main feature on the Galaxy J7 and the Galaxy J5. Base internal version, however, differs with the Galaxy J5 having 8 GB as its lowest capacity compared to 16 GB offered as standard on the Galaxy J7.

The Galaxy J5 is significantly lighter than its sibling at 145 g compared to the 171 g of the Galaxy J7. This may be largely down to the use of a smaller battery – facilitated due to the presence of a smaller screen – on the Galaxy J5. It has a 2600 mAh battery compared to the 3000 mAh battery on the Galaxy J7. Prices of the Galaxy J7 are at around $260 while the Galaxy J5 is slightly less expensive at around $220.