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The latest app by Twitter is Periscope, an interesting streaming app which enables users to stream their live broadcast as easy as a pie – with their smartphones. The social media integration of this service is undoubtedly great, since it comes from Twitter, a social media giant.

However, logging in requires Twitter and the main goal is to flag up new rolling footage to the followers. Along with that, Periscope is created to ensure people of having the perfect chance to stream whatever they like and if accepted well, gain a decent audience figures.


So, how does it work?

With only a few seconds to be set up, tapping the camera icon and giving a name for the broadcast are the initial steps. Whether you like to share or hide your location, it’s really up to you. You can also engage your potential viewers to chat and leave their comments, as well as tweet something about your video or even make it a private show for selected people.

As soon as you tap the red button on-screen, the broadcasting process begins. With swiping down, you can pause or stop the video and so on. What you should know is that your video has to be made instantly available. This means that you cannot schedule videos for a later time and date like (as in Meerkat, Periscope’s biggest competitor). However, when you are finished you can get the option to save what has been filmed and make it available for 24 hours directly on Periscope. In that manner, your audience will have exactly a day to watch your stream.

With 120k users attracted and even more signed in, Periscope really made a boom introducing smartphone broadcasting. With big numbers of footage to watch and interact with, Periscope created an app that is amazingly user-friendly and of great value. The app also lets you like videos and send private messages to people filming them in real-time.


With a straightforward approach and intuitive spirit, Periscope is a great app for broadcasters. Although it can drain your battery and data usage pretty much, it is an ideal app for journalists or enthusiasts wanting to share every moment of their life.