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We all know Craigslist – it is a great place to sell your things or buy stuff online. It also expands to a prism where you can find work or hire someone in a way. All in all, Craigslist is the #1 posting website in the United States with many people using it for various purposes.

And while the world is amazed with its functionality, developers have thought the idea through and noticed that there isn’t any app for Craigslist. In that manner, Mokriya was created – being free so everybody can see listings and get to know Craigslist in a mobile way.

Mokriya is an amazing app with plenty of features. You can browse through the many categories and locations similar to the website or maybe opt in for multiple neighborhoods at once. You can also change categories from your persistent top navigation bar and get the most updated results you could ever get.


With advanced search options, stellar features and even a possibility to create custom searches and alerts, Mokriya is in a way better than Craigslist – letting you enjoy a variety of possibilities through your smartphone or tablet.

Whether you are browsing or refreshing listings at any time, Mokriya has support for posting new Craigslist listings – directly from your phone! You can even take pics with your camera and manage your previous posts, favorite posts and listings and consider them for future reference. With its amazing filtering tools and buttons working very well, Mokriya not only focuses on listing or browsing – it also gives you exact location, number or date when the listing is created, so you can contact the owner of the product/service/property and contact him directly.

Mokriya excels with every single improvement the team behind this app makes. With amazing user interface on both small and large screens, you can quickly browse and see results tailored to your needs. The gallery is in overall nice and you can see as many photos as the owner listed.


The only thing that is probably missing is the availability to create custom alerts with notifications, but the world is really flattered with what Mokriya already has – tons of features so you can find a product or service you need in a quick and effective way.