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The newest version of Office Lens that Microsoft recently launched has made scanning very easy and fun. The free mobile scanning app which was limited to Windows phone devices is now available also for iOS users, and with an upcoming Preview version available for Android users who are still left behind with only a beta version so far.

Office Lens is an app which makes your smartphone or tablet a fast and efficient scanner. With Office Lens, you can deposit documents, business cards, sticky notes, receipts, whiteboards and more.

The best thing of this app is that it saves your scans into your OneNote account  or any of the other destinations you wish.


So, how does it work?

After installing it, you can operate with Office Lens in an easy way. Featuring a live camera viewfinder, Office Lens also gives a frame for any document to be scanned, which moves automatically and fits your document edges.

Your job is to take care of the lights and capture, which in this case means scan. Before capturing, however, you have an option to select what type of image you are focusing on – whether it is a Photo, Document or Whiteboard accordingly. This makes it easier so the app knows and groups the scans you have recently captured.

After tapping the Shutter button, you can crop the image or save/share it to one of these destinations – OneNote, OneDrive, Word or PowerPoint, as well as the option for PDF, Mail and Library storage.


The only minor disadvantage of Office Lens is that it doesn’t allow capturing documents with multiple pages. This means sharing can go a bit slowy for such docs, with one-by-one picture at a time.

However, it is more than incredible how the technology shifts every single day – making a smartphone a modern scanner, and allowing maximum mobility for every business person.