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We all want to wear jackets when it’s cold. However, we often wonder – why our jacket cannot carry everything we want to? Let it be a holiday in a foreign country, or maybe a business trip to another town, this jacket made a revolution online with raising more than million bucks on the famous fundraising website – Kickstarter.

If you are wondering what’s so special about this travel jacket and why every backpacker must have it, it is the common fact of usability and practicality – blended in a modern jacket! Did you know that you can take all of your accessories with you, and be perfectly comfortable with only wearing a jacket? The formula has been introduced to the world via Kickstarter – and it is really inspiring.


In reality, who needs a carry-on handbag or a jacket that doesn’t fit everything in. Surely, we have to have something in our backpacks as well, but BauBax’s fundraising campaign started on July 7 has brought us a product we will most likely enjoy – a modern jacket considered to be the Swiss Knife of jackets. With even 15 built in features for every traveler, the jacket quickly raised million dollars overcoming the company’s goal of $20,000.

In the image below, you can see how functional this jacket really is. With neck pillow, eye mask, and pockets for every possible accessory a backpacker might have such as a blanket, gloves, sunglasses, an iPad, and even hand warming pockets, the list of this amazing travel jacket continues. If you are cold, there is a pocket for that… If you are tired, you have a in-built pillow for that as well!

The main appeal of this jacket is also in terms of avoiding the expensive fares that airports charge. Now, you don’t need anything but your backpack filled with clothes – as the world’s best travel jacket supports every accessory you may carry.


Although you may weight a lot more with this jacket on and it could be hard wearing it with everything inside, emptying your pockets will save you the trouble of bringing another bag while travelling.

Mobility and functionality have definitely been revolutionized – introducing a modern portable accessory holding a large variety of accessories inside and fitting the needs of every traveler around the world.