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The battle between David and Goliath is truly reflected in the competition between the Samsung Galaxy A5 and the Lenovo K3 Note.

While the former costs significantly greater than the Lenovo K3 Note due to its better brand image, the latter tries to make up for it by providing a range of options.

Display and Design

The first starts with the 5.5-inchdisplay, which provides full HD resolution. It is quite incredible to think that a phone costing just $160 can offer full HD resolution. Instead, the Lenovo device moves ahead and competes straight with the Galaxy A5 with its 5-inch display and 720p resolution.


Compared with both statistics, the Samsung product loses out, and it can only club back the advantage in terms of design. The Galaxy A5 is one of the thinnest phones on the market at just 6.7 mm. Even the Lenovo K3 Note is not too thick at 8 mm, but it feels so when put against the Galaxy A5.

Display Technology

The quality of the display is also vastly dissimilar because both use different technologies. The Lenovo K3 Note opts for the IPS panels like most other smartphones in this price range. The Galaxy A5, however, uses the more expensive Super AMOLED technology found in, the higher range phones from the same company. The differences are quite dramatic since the Galaxy A5 is capable of deeper blacks and richer saturation. The IPS panel equipped display on the Lenovo K3 Note is much more suitable for those looking for better viewing angles.


One might think that the two phones can be separated in terms of performance, but the Lenovo K3 Note with its more than adequate MediaTek processor does not lag significantly in this regard. In fact, the powerhouse behind the Lenovo product has eight cores compared to just the quad-core processor on the Galaxy A5.

The Samsung device may have just four cores, but it can offer more stable performance. The Snapdragon 410 processor is well-regarded for being stable enough to support the Android operating system. Both phones get the latest 5.0 version of this OS.


A 13 megapixel camera in the rear is supported by flash on both devices, but the Lenovo K3 Note is capable of better night photography by virtue of having dual LED flash rather than just the single LED flash on the Galaxy A5. The front facing five-megapixel camera feature is probably one of the few common aspects between the two.



The Galaxy A5 has a slight advantage in the connectivity aspect since it supports the dual band Wi-Fi. The option of having the 5 GHz band Wi-Fi is a major plus point while the Lenovo K3 Note has to do with just the single band Wi-Fi.

Other connectivity options are similar. Compared to the Lenovo K3 Note’s economic pricing, the Galaxy A5 is significantly more expensive at $280.