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The developers can download iOS 9 beta 5 and test it on their devices, after this version has been released on Thursday, with two days later than the usual Tuesday release schedule. The fifth beta of iOS came with new features and below, we’ll tell you more about them.

First of all, Apple made some changes to the keyboard, changing the appearance of the Shift key, which no longer has a gray background, but a white one, and the arrow is full black.

When the Wi-Fi Assist option is turned on in the Settings app and the WiFi connection is poor, iOS 9 uses cellular data.

iOS 9.3 Jailbreak

The old iPhone 5c wallpapers have been removed and replaced with 15 new wallpapers, which are more appealing to the eye. And most of them are dark and abstract.

Apple also changed Siri’s Suggestions Interface, which means that now, when you’re tapping a contact, you will see only icons for the mode of the contact. Previously, you were seeing icons and labels.

The users who signed a contract with AT&T will be able to use Wi-Fi calling, but only if they live in the areas where this option is available.

More tweaks have been done to the CarPlay Interface, as the artwork that is displayed on-screen has been enlarged, and the users can “like” songs.

If you go to General > Handoff & Suggested Apps, you will see icons for installed applications. The app suggestions, which are based on location and app usage, will appear on the Lock screen and in the app switcher. Previously, you were seeing installed apps from the App Store.

Apple added a new option in Music App, which will shuffle your music. This option can be found at the top of the application.

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The old Shortcuts feature has a new name, and it’s Text Replacement, to match the Mac.

When you disable WiFi, you will see the icon fading away, thanks to the new animation. Previously, the icon was disappearing one signal arc.

To see regulatory logos, you will need to go to Settings>General>Regulatory. The previous location has hidden in Settings>General>About>Legal.

The developers who had the chance to test iOS Beta 5 noticed that the version is more stable and the speed has been increased. Until now, none of them complained that they encountered any problems.