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As much as Infolio wants to name itself as an intelligent information workspace app, it is definitely beyond the spectrum of that – it is a great sales presentation app. Infolio’s focus group are sales professionals who are in a quest to bring everything that their new project or client needs into one place.

In more details, the app creates large and specific project screens onto which everything can be added. From notes to task lists and contacts, emails and photos, even editable documents can be thrown at the workspace – helping you build a stellar sales presentation in every aspect.

The assistance from Infolio is common among a great number of professionals, as the app lets your existing accounts and other services blend into its workspace perfectly well.


In that manner, you can add documents from Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, or even from an email provider like Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail. The best thing when speaking about organization in the workspace app is that Infolio is also integrated with Evernote and users can drow upon it and the tablet’s reminders. With images and videos pulled in from your own gallery, or maybe Instagram – you have every tool to build a successful presentation.

The visual feel for a project is what sets Infolio apart from any competitor. And the creativity does not stop here – you can even place important emails and LinkedIn contacts as well – blending in with the related articles on the Web you can as well place – with Infolio’s in-built web browser.

Infolio is perfect if you are a creative salesman wanting to target your next meetings in another, more creative way. Whether it is the train or the airport, you can work with Infolio from everywhere – and create Spaces which can be linked or related. Infolio obviously gives space for your own critics, notes and comments on the screen – which will help you wrap everything up within the presentation.


This genius app is great because it eliminates the need to jump from one app to another and try to build some kind of a presentation. It has everything inside and integrated – working smoothly just so your next sales presentation can be fluid and innovative.