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For those who are computer users, they will come to realize that cyber security is very important.

As you are browsing on the internet from time to time, you are exposing yourself to some unforeseen viruses that will pose as a very huge challenge to your data security and personal information.

Some viruses that you encounter on the internet will not only affect the normal operations of your computer, but also will put your data at risk of getting stolen. Spyware softwares are very notorious in this for they steal data from one’s computer.

They can steal passwords, personal data credit card information etc. luckily, applications such as AVG come to protect one’s computer and data against such malicious people.


The new AVG antivirus comes to remove all those risks from happening when you are using your computer to do different tasks.

AVG or in full Anti-Virus Guard is an internet and virus protection software that is developed by the AVG company from Czech and it has tools and engines that can assist in eliminating the viruses. This happens in the following manner;

  • The engine. AVG has a very effective engine that is able to identify viruses and threats that are being faced by a computer. This makes it possible for the antivirus software to be able to identify the viruses using a generic logarithm as well as characteristics that are seen in the viruses. You can have a very easy time on the internet since they are well protected.
  • Free version. They have updated their free version software that enables them to offer protection for the users without having to pay for it. The free versions are normally offered to those users who are using the software for personal reasons and for non commercial purposes. They have files on the internet that can be used to update the software. The best thing is that this software updates itself automatically so that one uses the latest database for viruses. You can have a lot of protection because of this.

AVG Antivirus Pro

  • Many options. You have a lot of options when it comes to operating AVG antivirus. This is because there are some features that are optional and can be removed from operation making it easy for people to use their antivirus. It is no wonder that this antivirus has got over 80 million users worldwide. You can even choose how it updates itself.
  • Real-time protection. Whether you are surfing the internet or getting data from flash drives, AVG’s real time protection option ensures that you are protected all round. This is done by scanning through files that are being loaded by the memory of this application and to ensure that they are all protected from the attacks that might be brought about by viruses around. As a result of that, many users have found it to be very effective. The innovators at AVG ensure that their product can attack viruses’ way before they do any damage to the users. Once they do that, you get great protection.