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Google Fiber, the fastest internet and television connection in the United States is ready to take a gigantic leap by launching their services in San Antonio.

The service is available in a couple of cities, including Kansas City, Provo and Austin. Google was supposed to expand it at a rapid pace, but due to technical difficulties and hindrances from the local authorities slowed them down. They later filed a suit demanding the government to announce internet as a basic utility. It helped them gather momentum and target one of the biggest cities in the country.

The Mayor of San Antonio, Ivy Taylor officially made the announcement and confirmed that Google Fiber service is indeed coming to the Southwest city. The company has been considering the city for a long time now.


However, the size of the location combined with its rugged terrain has prevented them from launching the service.

In their official blog post, Google said, “Unlike typical broadband, the fiber connections require special infrastructure to support the speed and stability that it could offer to the consumers. Our team of experts will be working with the city officials in the following months. They will create a strategic plan that will allow us to cover the 4,000 miles with fiber optic cables”.

The company added that the length of the cables that they propose to use in San Antonio is so huge that it could easily conclude a two way trip, to and fro from Canada. Despite the mammoth investment that Google has to make in the city to establish a fiber connection, they confirmed that pricing of the subscription will be as low as possible. It will vary based on the location in the city, but will be affordable for most people.

Companies like AT&T and Comcast are already eyeing the fiber internet services. Many of them are exorbitantly priced that prevents the consumers from adopting them. However, these companies are taking necessary steps to bring the cost down and soon it will be the most preferred form of internet, combined with cable television, in the United States.


Ever since its inception, Google Fiber has a strong focus on Texas which is densely populated and one of the faster growing regions in the U.S. The city has a massive population with over 1.4 million people and counting.

Besides, the developing hub allows the tech firms to easily integrate infrastructure and facilities required to experiment innovative ideas, such as the Fiber. It has prompted Google to choose San Antonio despite the practical problems it poses.