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Gentle Alarm is simply one of the most serviceable alarm clocks being made for Android. If you think that your built-in alarm clock is too simple and with not as much features, or you want to have a better wake-up call from your alarm – Gentle Alarm is the app for you.

The best thing about Gentle Alarm is definitely the large variety of customization options, set of alarms and variations. With this app, you can set as many alarms as you want throughout the day in both 12 and 24 hour formats.

You can also create pre-alarms, alarms and snooze profiles where you can customize your alarm’s sound, volume, fade-in volume, duration and even display brightness. You can also select one from the three profiles – ‘workday’, ‘day off’ and ‘nap’ and always have an alarm at a tap away.


Gentle Alarm is also great because it allows integration with music, playlists and even internet radio streams as alarms. Therefore, you can wake up to your favorite song or even a whole set of them and never be moody. It can also be configured to play alarm sounds by your preferred artists, and with it, Gentle Alarm can surprise you every morning with a song from your favorite bands or singers.

With Gentle Alarm, you can flip your phone over to snooze or shake it up to disable the alarm. It can also launch a specific application when the alarm goes off. In terms of design, it is again customizable – you can add your favorite screen colors and customize its background.

The point where Gentle Alarm excels over its competitors is the flexibility on your phone. Making your wake-up fully tailored to your taste is something exceptional, waking you or the one with you from your good sleep with your favorite song(s), the right display brightness and many more things. Once you understand how it is configured, you will be ready to use it to its maximum!


Gentle Alarm comes with $2,99 subscription. If this is too expensive for you, however, you can test it with its trial version and see if the app fits you well. You should only be aware that the trial version obviously doesn’t have all that the premium app has.

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