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Every one of us gets addicted to a song and starts singing it after a while. Now, as much as we want it to sing it in the best way, we often tend to miss out the right lyrics and start singing with our own words similar to the ones in the chorus, or any other part of a song.

For that purpose Genius has launched its first Android app – and it’s actually pretty amazing. Coming as a real spin-off after their famous website where you can also find lyrics of songs and annotations, Genius has now entered the mobile world – which is a big step for this company.


For example, if you thought that Taylor Swift sings ‘Starbucks lovers’, you will see that it’s actually ‘star-crossed lovers’. Finding the right meanings of songs is the main purpose on Genius, accompanied with the need to present a song in the perfect way possible – so that the modern listener can enjoy it to the maximum.

The Genius app lets you play songs and read the lyrics in the same time. Whether going karaoke is your mood for the day or you just want to get into the lyrics of a song while listening to it – Genius makes that possible with a simple, yet responsive application for Android.

Not only you can read the verses and choruses of a song with Genius, the app also lets you view articles, news and press releases for the singer or the album/track. It lets you view how many times a song has been liked as well and also supports video.


But the most amazing part is that it lets you see what the artist has to say in regards to the song. For example, if your choice is the new ‘Rap God’ by Eminem, when searching for this song – you will be shown a short story on what motivated Eminem to write down this song.

Although this app is still not available on iOS, it will certainly come in the near future, without letting the Apple fans wait too much. With solid branded colors and neat interface, it is sure why Genius gives another view on the need for lyrics nowadays.