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If filters make you bored, you should try reliving your photos and download Enlight – an app that will teach you how to be a real master in editing your photos. The app is stacked with many amazing features and is considered as probably the best photo editor app so far in the App Store.

Designed for iPhone users, Enlight is a top-quality app designed to transform a bad photo into a good one.

Although Enlight annoys users when it is being used for the first time, the pop-ups are created to teach people how every single element within the app works.


Therefore, when you master all of them, you will be really fluid in editing photos. Cropping, skewing and even refitting images are not the top features – Enlight is also packed with a great set of contract, exposure, color correction and curves tools.

The interesting part about Enlight is that once you get creative in editing, you simply love the app more and more. With the Reshape option, backgrounds can be removed from photos – letting you and your creativity play and really reshape your photo. Enlight also has an availability to change photos into paintings with its whole set of options for urban looks and sketches

Not only Enlight is a top-quality app with great tools, it is really easy and fast to work with. The feeling of maximum control over your photo is probably the best one, giving you what you need to make your photo look better.


One minor fallback is the absence of an iPad version of this app, but it is definitely expected soon. The other is the low quality of the in-built camera that Enlight uses, but there is always room for the iPhone camera from where your pictures can be uploaded in a quick way with scrolling through the gallery.

All in all, Enlight is definitely a smooth app with nice appeal and great tools. It definitely switches the way of how photo editors work today and gives a unique approach of making bad or normal photos really shiny.