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We have all experienced times when calling a doctor is tricky and when we want to find out more about how we can solve the problem or cure the disease by ourselves.

Obviously, not everyone is an expert in medicine – but with the power of technology – expert medicine is on the tips of our fingers. That is why we present the 5 best medical apps for both Android and iOs users.

First Aid by British Red Cross

The official emergency app from the British Red Cross gives us exactly what we need in an emergency – a quick preview, advice and frequentily asked questions on the topic involved. From everyday first-aid scenarios to videos, step-by-step instructions and quizzes, the British Red Cross app is fun and easy to be mastered.

And most importantly – with the personal panic button – it can help and save a life in an emergency!


In times you feel unwell and going to the clinic is like climbing Everest, you can have an instant consultation 24/7 with an expert doctor – through HealthTap! Whether you want to call a doctor or even video chat with the person, HealthTap is accessible and really easy to pick up.


The only disadvantage is that it is limited to the US market and obviously – a consultation has its price – in our case, $44 per consultation. But hey, having a doctor on a smartphone, right?


Not only you can treat yourself with this app, you can also update your contact details and book appointments. Having all your surgical details, prescriptions, medical record, SystmOnline is the ultimate organization app designed by NHS England. With free and precise medical support, this app is certainly a life-saver.

Family Illness and Shot Tracker

With this app, you can keep a diary of all the illnesses that run in the family and effectively track them. The data can also be exported via email and kept secure with a simple code remembered by you only.


A minor breakdown for this app is that it hasn’t been updated since 2011 – therefore lack of optimization for iPhone screens.

Babylon – A doctor on your phone

Babylon covers the UK and it is similar to HealthTap – with video calls with a doctor. Additionally, with Babylon you can send text and images and also have access to medical records and health monitoring through your fitness band! It is probably the best medical app out there with 2 fees – whether you want the 5 pounds monthly or the 29 pounds per appointment – when you need a doctor!