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The WhatsApp Plus version 2.20 has surfaced and now it can be downloaded and installed on your Android device. However, we remind you that the application has been removed from the official Android store (Google Play Store) after the owners of WhatsApp have requested the big search engine company to do so.

However, that didn’t stop the users from downloading the WhatsApp Plus from the internet. This is when the developers of WhatsApp found a way to ban everyone who’s using the WhatsApp Plus application for 24 hours, requesting them to uninstall the unofficial WhatsApp application and to start using the official one.

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Well, this ban can be avoided by using the WhatsApp Plus version 2.20 on your Android device.

WhatsApp Plus v2.20 – Features

  • Ability to customize the WhatsApp Plus application by changing the colors, size and many other things;
  • Ability to send video, photo and audio files of up to 50MB (the official WhatsApp application allows you to send files of up to 16MB only);
  • The picture that you send on WhatsApp Plus will not get resized (as it happens on the official WhatsApp application), which means that it will not lose its quality;
  • Ability to share music with your WhatsApp friends with just one single tap;
  • Ability to copy and paste a part from a message that you’ve received on WhatsApp, rather than copying the whole text;
  • Ability to see the status of a contact while chatting with him/her (directly in the chat screen);
  • Using the WhatsApp Plus v2.20 you will not get banned anymore from the WhatsApp servers.

Installing WhatsApp Plus v2.20 APK on your Android device

First of all, you will need to download the WhatsApp Plus v2.20 APK file to your Android device. As we’ve already told you above, you will NOT find this file on the Google Play Store and instead you will need to search it on Google.

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Then, take a backup of your WhatsApp chat history and uninstall the WhatsApp version that you have currently installed on your Android device. Once you do this, you will be able to install the WhatsApp Plus 2.20 APK file on your Android device, but not before enabling the Unknown Sources option from Settings->Security.

After installing WhatsApp Plus v2.20 on your Android device, you will need to restore the chat history backup and start chatting with your friends. Enjoy!