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If you are wondering why there are so many people raving about Candy Crush Saga, there is nothing to be surprised about.

Over the years, there are so many candy games that the world has become accustomed to. Well, Candy Crush Saga has come to take the whole candy gaming app experience onto a whole new level. Today, everyone is having fun playing this game either to beat their friends by reaching higher levels or to just to kill time.

There is no doubt that the King team of developers have developed a Candy World where, even kids and adults who do not love to play games will be interested.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Playing Candy Crush Saga

Playing this game can be very easy if you know the basics. So, you need to get a hold over the moves even before you play the game to prevent fatigue after few levels.

In playing this game, you need to swipe between candies that are made available only in the dashboard. Also, you will need to match three candies of the same shade together, horizontally or vertically to gain points. Try to get rid of candies that frighten you at first before you eliminate other candies.

Get to Know the Levels of the Game

This game has been designed with 160 gaming levels in 112 episodes. It doesn’t end there,however because more levels are added every week. The first level of understanding is the moves level. In this level, you are required to achieve a specific set of points within a set number of moves provided to you. The jelly level also has to do with you clearing all jellies off the dashboard before your lives get finished.

The ingredients level has to do with the player making sure all ingredients reach the bottom of the dashboard. Timed level is designed for the player to achieve a specific amount of points before the given time is up. The candy order level needs you to crush all the candies before the moves provided to you are exhausted.

Candy-Crush-Milky-Marina (1)

Tips to Win All Levels in the Game

To begin with, always make sure you crush candies that are on the bottom of the dashboard. This will help you to complete levels faster. Also, when you reach the jelly level, make sure jellies at the corner are crushed first.

If you do not crush them, you might end up losing the level. The best candy combination is the wrapped and striped. As soon as you join then together, it frees up the dashboard horizontally and vertically.