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Currently, Smartphones and tablets are the ideal gadgets used by so many people all over the world.

These devices are used mostly by our children, and this means we need to protect them in some way even as we use them. Google Play Store comes with so many games and apps, but not all these games and apps are good for children.This is why filtering the content that Android Store offers is important.

Parental Control Set Up on Play Store

Firstly, you will have to open Google Play Store. After you do that, you should select the Menu button thatis locatedon the top left side of the screen. Select ‘Settings’. After you have done that, you should check out for Parental Controls and then you can set the PEGI level. The apps and games developed and available in the Google Play Store come with unique PEGI levels.


Understanding the different PEGI levels will make it very easy for you to setup the right parental controls.

PEGI 3 Level

Games with PEGI 3 levels are perfect for every child. The games with this PEGI level might come with some violence in them, but are mostly like cartoonish such as Bugs Bunny, Tom, and Jerry, etc. These games mostly do not come with pictures or sounds that might frighten your child andbad languages. This makes it the perfect level for all children. So, setting up the level of your devices’ Google Store to this level changes a lot of things.

PEGI 7 Level

When you check the games under PEGI 7 levels, you will realize they are almost the same as those under PEGI 3. This makes agame with PEGI 7 levels safer for your children to download. Games under PEGI level 7 come with some sounds and pictures that are scary, but safe.


PEGI 12 Level

Games with PEGI level come with some nude and violent content. Such games will mostly feature bad languages. All of these are stuff you will not want your children to learn. So, try to setup parental controls to restrict your children from being able to access such games.

Bottom Line

The security of your device is very important. It is not all the time that you can buy separate tablets or Smartphones for your children. So, if it happens that you all use one tablet at home, and then you need to ensure the right parental controls are set up to prevent them from ingesting unhealthy content.