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After Microsoft has released the Windows 10 OS, it also released the Windows 10 N and Windows KN version, which can be downloaded now from the internet.

Back in 2004, the Microsoft Company was fined by the European Commission for anti-cooperative, because they’ve included the Windows Media Player into the Windows XP OS. Right after that, they’ve released Windows XP N without the Windows Media Player.

Because of this, when Microsoft released Windows 7 and Windows 8, they’ve also brought an N version of the application. None of the Windows N editions features the Windows Media Player or other Microsoft media applications.

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Back in 2005, when Microsoft was fined by the Korea Trade Fair Commission, it also removed two applications from its OS: Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger. This Windows OS version was named “K” and it was especially created for the Korean users.

Now, with Windows 10, the Microsoft Company has released the Windows 10 N version for the European users and the K version for the Korean users. According to SuperSite, the Windows 10 K version doesn’t come with a lot of stuff such as: Windows Media Player, Sound Recorder, Skype, Music and Video applications. The users who live in Korea will be able to choose between N and KN versions.

However, it is good to know that even if you’ve installed the Windows 10 N or Windows 10 KN, you will still be able to install those missing applications by using the “media feature pack” application. For Windows 10, this pack can be downloaded from the Download Center on Microsoft’s website.

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We’re pretty sure that Microsoft learned from its mistakes and it will never get a fine again, for not having a separate version that doesn’t feature Windows Media Player, Skype, Sound Recorder or other similar applications.

What are your thoughts about the Windows 10 N version? Will you install it on your computer?

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