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Temple Run 2 is the brand new version of Temple Run and it is more exciting than the first version.

Imangi Studio launched this series with some additional features. For instance, the Dangerous Guy cannot just run, he can also swim. In this version of the game, the hurdles are tougher than in the previous game. The major addition to this current version is running water.

When playing the game, you will find Jack sliding down running water and making his way through obstacles and logs. Also, it follows the model of stuffing up elements to the follow-up. Temple Run 2 is not just an update to the first game, Temple Run; it is a whole new game with a sequel.

Understanding the Game’s Concept


This game has to do with running, sliding down, and assembling as many coins as possible. Players have to run through forests or slide through rivers to gather these coins. These coins when gathered help players obtain scores and points through game charts.

How to Play Temple Run 2

Before you play the game, you need to understand that there is no pause button designed for this game. So, there is no way you can stop the game unless he or she wants to lose their life and end the game. If a player finds obstacles, he or she has to swipe the screen up and jump off it. In the same way, the player can jump over hurdles and watch his legs before he gets hurt, and the monkey chases him.

Similarly, players can swipe right or left to assemble coins, take turns or defeat the same barriers. For each level, players can accomplish just three goals at one time. Adding to this, on his path of escaping the temple, players will find a lot of power-ups like amagnet, score bonus, gem bonus, boost and shield.


However, your duty is to bring in as many coins as you can to have a better chance in the game.

Cheat Sheet Clarity

Always make sure you assemble all the vital power-ups. This will help you gain more points and also increase scores. Also, getting free stuff for new players is new to this version. Doing this will help you assemble more coins. Try not to over speed, because that will just get you into trouble.

If you ever get high speed while playing the game, try not to collect coins. Instead of collecting coins, save your life. To reduce your speed, you can just hit any obstacle.