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Computer viruses are malicious software that are designed to interfere with the normal operation of one’s computer.

They act as a disturbance for people who are using their computers normally. They can be a pest especially when they are hindering you from doing the things that you need to do with your computers. As a result of that, people install antivirus on their computers.


Antivirus are software programs that identify viruses, Trojans and spyware before eliminating them so that they do not cause damage to one’s data. One such popular antivirus software is Norton.

The function

Technically, Norton Antivirus is designed to protect your computer from viruses that it might encounter as you are surfing the internet. It has an antivirus engine that not only identifies these viruses but also one that eliminates them. It can provide a complete protection for up to three computers in one year. This features browsing scanning as well as complete flash drive scans that can enable one to find and remove all viruses from the sources.

A good Norton antivirus features a download and identity protection, anti-spyware feature as well as an antivirus. Also, a network monitoring and browser protection is found in the package. The features coordinate together to remove threats associated with one’s computer.

Automatic data backup

One of the important features that help Norton antivirus to protect people’s data from getting lost is the ability of this antivirus to backup data from one’s computer to an external disk. The backup process is simple and can require one to select manually the most important files that they have on their computer devices. Once these files are backed up, they cannot get lost. Incase our computer gets broken or attacked by viruses that cause it to crash; you can still have your most important data from Norton website.

The most important thing is that this backup is done on a 25 GB disk online as opposed to the former 2 GB storage that was provided by Norton before.

System monitoring

It is very important for Norton to monitor how your system is running so that they can make it run at its best. They have a disc cleanup option that removes all unnecessary files from one’s computer to enable it runsat its best. This makes it possible for people to use computers with ease.

The monitoring system scans through all the processes that are running on a computer to make them run well. This enables one to get the best experience from it.

Customer support

Important of the Norton features are the customer support personnel. You can ask them for help anytime you get stuck while using the system. These personnel are ready and willing to assist you through each step of the way.


When you are looking for the best experience from Norton, the person is ready and willing to help you get that. They can adjust or give you the necessary information that will help you in benefiting from the system fully. This assists users a lot.