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On PCs and laptops, there are so many people downloading the YouTube downloader.

Programs and plug-ins like this make it easy for the users to download videos from YouTube to view even when they are not on the website. There are so many programs available today and every one of them makes it easy for the users to have their favorite videos ripped.


With the number of people using the Android devices today growing, it is quite sad that they cannot use such applications on Google Play Store.

So, what is the Problem with these Downloader Applications?

To begin with, these apps help the users to go about illegal content download, because the videos they download don’t belong to them. These apps in their view make it easy for people to steal the content and artistic abilities of another person. This deprives the artistes of advertising revenues and views. Also, the Store doesn’t permit apps that can be used illegally.

Undoubtedly, these downloader apps for YouTube fit the description very well. There are other platforms that allow these apps, because they do not see their use to be illegal since there are legitimate uses for these apps as well.

All Google Understands is Money!

No matter the level of legality being talked about here, Google definitely wants to keep its financial level in check. Downloader apps for YouTube videos cut into the revenue of Google in two different ways. Users of these apps will stop visiting YouTube to watch videos, because they get to download them to their devices. This is one major way in which revenue is decreased.

Also, the advertisers will not be interested in paying a lot for the ads if they know the videos are being pirated and are not being watched. Just like every company in the position of Google will do, it wants to protect its finances and save itself from losses. So, there is no way these apps will be accepted in Google Play Store anytime soon.

YouTube Downloader Apps are Popular

Even though these apps are not accessible on Play Store, they still grow in popularity. Users of these apps on other platforms download and use these apps many times every day.

Google Cardboard Now Supported By YouTube for iOS

Every day, there are new YouTube downloader applications that are being developed to give more users access to videos on YouTube and other platforms.