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You can find lots of games on the Google Play store, many of them free. But even when they claim to be free, they often come with in-app purchase prompts – and we’re pretty sure that you can’t resist the temptation to buy a few items that will help you succeed in the game. You’ll also be annoyed by the distracting ads that pop up while you’re playing. But you won’t have problems with all free games.

Some of them are amazing, and you should test them on your Android device. Here’s a list of free games that are actually worth playing.

Real Racing 3


You’ll enjoy this simulation-style driving experience. As you drive one of 100 licensed cars, you’ll love the single-player events, the real-time online races and the tracks. Still,  things will become repetitive at some point and you’ll get bored and move to another game.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


First, it was launched for tablets, then it was available for smartphones. The game is part of the classic PC gaming franchise, and it takes its players into a fantasy world where they start with a collection of basic cards. Players gain more powerful cards as rewards for completing Arena runs, or if they purchase packs of cards.

Jetpack Joyride

It’s an endless running game, where you’ll play as Barry Steakfries. You steal a bullet-spewing jetpack, then try to escape from the research facility. You have to fire the thrusters and avoid the electrical barriers. There will be laser traps, missiles and coins you need to collect.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

In this free game, you try to survive in a world invaded by the undead. You will place peashooters and use explosive cherry bombs and other “weapons”. You will be a passenger on a pirate ship, in Ancient Egypt or in other locations, experiencing various scenarios.

Temple Run 2


The Temple Run series has been downloaded 1 billion times. Without a doubt, Temple Run 2 is more attractive than the first version. This game is also about running: you tap and swipe to push ahead and turn, slide under obstacles, etc. Your adventure will be amazing while riding in mine carts and when floating down rivers.

Four Letters

This game tests your spelling skills, as you have to spell words correctly within a few seconds. Some are simple, and you’ll spell them quickly, then get awards bonus points. Others are more complicated and they will challenge you.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout


If you love first-person military shooter games, then you’ll love this one. You have to complete various missions and get involved in multiplayer battles, where the action is more exciting.

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