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Playing running games can be so exciting, but tiring as well.

This is one of the reasons why a running game has to be very interesting for people to be interested in it. If the whole idea of someone running endlessly comes to most minds, Temple Run 2 is thought of. Due to the high level of success the older version of Temple Run brought, the new version has had a lot of followers.


Before it was even launched some years ago, there were so many people itching to find out what it had to offer. Temple Run 2 still remains the perfect alternative for most gamers, because it is a game that can be played and continued from where the gamer left off.

Some Tips When Playing Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 makes use of the very same game play as the unique version. It is mainly about running continually as you avoid obstacles and taking coins and power ups as you run. However, it comes with a new twist that makes it more exciting and addicting.

If you are very new to this game, knowing the tips you can use to master the game helps.

What to Know About Crossing Broken Bridges

Although crossing the bridges is one of the most difficult obstacles in Temple Run 2, it can be very exciting. Most players find it difficult to cross these bridges, because they are broken into two, perpendicularly, which makes it very easy to fall.

The best thing to do here is to jump before you cross every broken bridge and once you are in the air, you should bend over your device to the bridges side that is not broken. Just make sure you time very well when you jump. Or else, the trick will not operate.

Keep your Eyes on the Coins

In Temple Run 2, the coins are very important. They are needed to upgrade your power-ups and also buy brand new characters. The very moment you begin to run, collect as many coins as you possibly can. Some of the coins will be very easy to collect, while the others will not be so easy – so you will need to work hard to get them.


Additionally, obtaining coins means you fill the meter bar, which provides you with Shield. Shield is a power-up that protects you for some time from obstacles.