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Apart that it’s a great place to get new apps for your phone, the Google Play Store is also a place with many great features you may not have noticed in the past or did not commit to exploring them. Today, we present five of them which are really cool and trustworthy.

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Beta Communities

An app developer using the Play Store can easily roll out a beta of their app with new features being experimented. Although you won’t find this in your regular app view, you can find news about the apps by joining a beta community.

With joining a Google Group or a Google+ Community, you can access beta versions of new apps after you have signed up for the beta program. After you joined a community at first and signed up for the beta program, the beta enrollment will begin, letting you explore new apps first from your friends.


The Play Store has a really handy wishlist which many people do not use. However, it is a very nice option to use it. With the Wishlist, you can save movies, books, and apps from the store and have them all the time to be installed.

Finding everything you saved later can be done by swiping open the left-hand navigation panel in the Play Store and selecting ‘Wishlist’.

The People Section

In the side-out navigation panel within the Play Store, you can choose ‘People’ and get really trustworthy recommendations based on what you like and what people talk about, or even +1’d. Finding new apps can now be really different and definitely safe, without you experimenting and deleting an app after another all the time.

Explicit Content

Who knows when your kids could get to your phone and start searching it. Even if you allow them to do this in order for them to play their games, an update can show up leading them into the unsafe world of the Internet – or the Play Store.

Luckily, the Play Store has a filter which restricts explicit content. It can be opened up in the Play Store settings and enabled as ‘Parental Controls’.

Automatic updates

You surely don’t want every single app updated every day. That is why you should know that there is a customized approach to updates now. In the Settings panel, you can now choose whether to auto-update your apps over Wi-Fi, your phone’s data connection or not at all. Also, you can choose to turn off update notifications so your apps can update in a silent way.


And if you want to exempt certain apps from auto-updating, visiting every app’s screen is the way to go. Deselecting the ‘Auto-Update’ button on the apps you want will prevent them to be automatically updated.