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Whether you are a student using Gmail to track your activities, a freelancer using it for communication and exchange of files or a CEO of a company with complicated emails and categories, there are amazing plugins on the Web which you may be unaware about.

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Apart from the Google integration with Drive, Calendar and Analytics, many people leverage the potential of these 3 amazing apps, which we share with you today.

  1. Boomerang

Boomerang not only helps managing your Inbox folder it also works with Outlook. With this amazing app, you can schedule emails to be sent later or maybe write an email quickly and schedule it to be sent automatically in the minute you want to – with only a click away on the ‘Send Later’ button.

Additionally, Boomerang helps big time with pausing messages until you are ready to read them – or until you really need them. Along with the option to set follow up reminders and make sure you follow up with a client, an employee or your teacher – Boomerang definitely helps out big time – both you and your organization skills.


In a modern era like nowadays, people save their files on the cloud, which is normally the best thing to do. In that manner, Dropbox and Google Drive are the perfect storage units. presents a synergy between them – whenever you have to upload an attachment, you can insert it directly from the cloud to your mail – with

Not only you are able to send files from the cloud to the recipient, they will be also backed up on your cloud account while having your password protected in the blink of an eye.

  1. Streak

If you lack a customer relationship management tool, Streak is for you – and it works inside your Gmail account. Many people are frustrated when having to switch between their inbox and separate systems and Streak makes this fast.

Tracking all of your deals directly from your inbox, seeing the emails that go back and forth and also getting all the context you need is Streak’s main job. Also, with Streak you can write an email now and schedule it later, which is an extra. Working on all your Gmail accounts, Streak can be used as the best CRM tool right inside your inbox.


We believe you enjoyed our picks for making your life and/or work assignments easier with these amazing GMail plugins running on desktop!