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The popularity of mid-range smartphones has been ever-growing, especially since they offer a lot of bang for the buck.

This is the case with the Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy Grand Prime phones as well. These two phones provide excellent value for money and this is largely by incorporating a number of changes to its predecessors and learning from mistakes.



The Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy Grand Prime, both come with a 5 inch screen, but there are some subtle differences that give the advantage in favor of the Galaxy A5 straightaway. The former has a 720p resolution compared to just 540 x 960 pixels on the Galaxy Grand Prime. In terms of pixel density, it may mean an increase of almost 100 PPI. This definitely gives an advantage in terms of viewing photos and videos, which can either, be shot using the front or rear cameras, but also transferred using a range of connectivity options.

Despite being a mid-range smartphone, Samsung offers these devices with a lot more than the basics of just Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Galaxy Grand Prime makes up for the lack of 720p resolution by providing the Wi-Fi direct feature, which can be used to transfer large amounts of data between two connected devices over the same Wi-Fi network.

The duo, however, has similar features in terms of other aspects like Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and NFC.


A lot of differences throw up when performance is concerned. The Galaxy Grand Prime does not have bad processor specifications, to begin with. In fact, it has a more than decent snapdragon 410 processor range packing 1.2 GHz of processing speed through its quad core processor. It is similar in specification to the processor on the Galaxy A5, but a huge difference is created when the RAM amount is taken into consideration.

The Galaxy A5 has a standard 2 GB of RAM, which is double the capacity offered on the Galaxy Grand Prime.


Just as with the performance of the device overall, there are substantial quality differences in terms of the imaging aspect. The Galaxy A5 has a much more comprehensive 13 megapixel camera while the Galaxy Grand Prime has an eight megapixel camera, which is almost basic apart from the presence of features like LED flash and 1080p video recording. Both phones have a similar five megapixel front camera, which finally brings some balance to the in-house fight.


Perhaps, a major advantage with the Galaxy Grand Prime will be the removable battery, coupled with a slightly better capacity of 2600 mAh compared to just 2300 mAh provided on the Galaxy A5. More importantly, the battery of the Galaxy A5 is non-removable and it would be not possible to swap batteries on the go.

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In terms of talk times, the Galaxy Grand Prime, which costs $180, is capable of lasting a couple of hours longer than the 15 hours of talk time provided by the Galaxy A5, which costs $280.