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iTunes is one of the most used desktop applications out there. The application is installed on many Macs and PCs all over the world and it is used to manage the music from your desktop device, but at the same, it can also act as a gateway to iPads, iPods and iPhones.
There are rumors which say that Apple is planning to remove iTunes and to bring individual “mini apps” for movies, podcast, music etc.


This way, the users will be able to open a single application that will contain only the media they want in it. However, for now, the iTunes desktop application is sticking around, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Customizing what media you want to see in the toolbar

iTunes version 12 comes with a face lift that many people find a bit confusing. The all-in-one side bar has been removed and the new toolbar that runs along the upper left corner has been added.

This toolbar comes with icons for various libraries such as: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Audio Books, Podcasts and more. However, there are a lot of people who don’t use all these types of media. Well, don’t worry, because you can customize the toolbar in order to show you only the icons that you use the most.

To do this, click on the More button (the three dots button) in the toolbar and you will see a menu will appearing, which will list all media libraries. Click on the edit button and uncheck the libraries that you don’t use and you will remove them from the toolbar. Once you finish removing all the icons that you don’t want to see, click “Done”.

Keeping your iTunes media folder organized

iTunes doesn’t store all the media files in a single file, but instead everything that you add to the iTunes library will either be left to the location where it was originally at the time you’ve added it to the library or it will be moved to a common folder, where your movies and music get mixed up.

However, this can be quite messed up if you try to view your media outside of the iTunes application. However, this is why Apple came with a few advanced settings on iTunes, but they are not set as default. By enabling these settings, you will be able to keep your iTunes media folder organized, by keeping media files into various folder, according to the type and artist.

In case you use iTunes on Mac, go to iTunes->Preferences from the menu, but, if you use a Windows PC, you will have to select Edit->Preferences. In the Preferences window, you will have to click on the advanced tab. Now, you will need to check the box next to the “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” and “Keep iTunes Media folder into subfolder organized by media type and then by artist”.

The first option will automatically copy any file that you drag into your iTunes (from its original location to the iTunes Media folder). The second option will sort all your media files in the iTunes media folder into subfolder organized by media type and then by artist.

We suggest you to try these two features that we’ve mentioned above and the songs and music that you import into iTunes application will be more organized. This way, you will be able to copy/paste the iTunes media folder from a computer to another one with ease and make sure that all is clean and organized.

Column Browser

Right from the early versions of iTunes, one of the most awesome features that this application comes with is the Colum Browser. This feature allows editing what type of music you want to listen to, by showing multiple columns above your song list. However, on iTunes 12 you can already guess that Apple is planning to remove the Colum Browser entirely, sometimes in the near future. This is because the Column Browser has been hidden from the visual UI elements of iTunes and it can now be brought back only by going to View Menu->Column Browser->Show Column Browser.

In the sub-menu you can also choose which columns you want to appear such as: Artist, Album, Genre, Time and more.


The iTunes application has evolved in time and it seems that Apple is doing a pretty good job maintaining it one of the most used applications on desktop devices. We’re not sure what Apple is preparing for us in the future, but as we’ve told you above, we’re pretty sure that the Column Browser will be removed entirely and a new feature will take its place, most likely an improved one.


Are you using iTunes application on your desktop device? What are your thoughts about the Column Browser?