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If you’re someone who gets emails 24/7 it can get a bit irritating to see them pile up one after another. That is why it is important for you to learn these tips and use them if you want to be in control of your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Tips

Activate Unread Message Icon

When you’re working, I’m betting your Gmail tab is open as well, so that you can quickly browse through a new email. But it can get overwhelming to keep going back to the Gmail tab while you have other tasks to attend to. Unread Message Icon will do the trick. Head on to Settings, look for Labs Tab and then Unread Message Icon. Activate it and hit the Save Changes button at the end and you’ll definitely make your work easier.

Erasing jumbo emails

If your emails have been racking up , you will soon hit the 15 GB limit that is set on Gmail and that’s one thing you have to avoid. Forget about deleting random emails, look for the real evildoers, the jumbo ones. Go ahead and click the arrow you see in the right side of the search bar. This will show you the search selections. Then look for the one that spells Size (drop down menu).

The limit concerning the size is 25 MB, so go ahead and enter 20 MB instead and you should see all of your biggest emails.

Inbox Display Density: Changing it for the better

Changing up your inbox’s look once in a while will definitely go easy on your eyes. This is a simple procedure which will upsurge the blank spaces between every single one of your emails. So from Compact you will change it to Comfortable. Adding a fun theme to the background will also spice things up a bit.

Put labels to good use

These are the perfect elements to use for the inbox if you’re an organizer freak. The latter will help you decide on categories for the emails. Simply label, let’s say 10 emails by choosing them and clicking the label icon.

There is also the possibility of performing the drag &drop action for the labels (see left column) right on the emails you think must be labeled. Choose some interesting shades for the labels so that you can easily spot them.

Undo Send Button: A lifesaver

Sending an email to someone by mistake must have occurred to you as well. Luckily, you can use the Undo Send button to fix your mistake. Look for a cog icon (upper right side of the page) click on it and then on Settings. Look for General tab and then keep your eyes open for Undo Send.

Gmail v6.0

When you activate it, choose between 5 to 30 seconds (your time limit) and of course don’t forget Save Changes.