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FIFA 16 which will officially come out on September 22nd rolled out brand new mode selections, which allows gamers to mess around with all sorts of innovative options. Check out the most important additions in the FIFA 16 below.

Ultimate Team Draft Mode Available

If you don’t have the time or the patience to go through a whole season of Ultimate Team building, you’re going to love this new draft mode. You’ll get to experience players like Suarez or Messi without having to worry about the time. Pick your first 11 players and you’re ready to start. This way you’ll get a taste of what it feels like to be in charge of such a dream team made out of stellar players.


And the best part about it is that the mode session will be sufficient enough to play 4 games tops. But there is a catch, if you loose before the 4 game limit is complete, you’re finished and you’ll need to put together a new team from zero.

Football for Women

You can enjoy 12 national teams composed out of female players. Of course, the ratings that belong to the women are different from those that belong to the men. You can do all sorts of sprints and other dynamic moves with these female characters included in FIFA 16.
Career Mode: Pre-Season Tournaments & Extensive Training

You can engage in a pre-season tournament if you want to travel and visit places like North or South America. If you are declared the champion of these tournaments this will mean more money for you. Keep in mind that the status of the team will count for the overall success of the tournament. So if you’re playing as Plymouth, you’ll probably be set up against Wycombe, but if you’re playing as Man Utd you will have to face the likes of Juventus.

Gamers can now instruct and train the team, thus increasing their overall value. It is important to successfully finish off all kinds of short games if you want to boost up the attributes of each player. Take for instance, Thiago Silva which you can choose as a forward and make sure to train him all season in order to further extend his skills as a forward gamer.

It is advisable to target the rookies here, as they are the ones with the higher chances of improving their field abilities.

Detailed Jubilee


Now you can celebrate the winning goals with the all of the team and we don’t mean just the first 11 players. You can also run over to any cameraman and experience the joy of your player though the camera lens.