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Facebook is currently the most popular social networking site in the world with over 1 billion users from all countries.

It has attracted such a large following owing to the features that are on the site that makes it possible for people to access photos and information about their friends. On top of it all, it is a medium that allows people to connect and interact with one another on the site. It has since become a central place where people can connect with one another no matter where they are.

facebook-messenger (2)

It is for this reason that Facebook introduced a new messaging feature that will not only ease the way people send each other messages, but also the way they chat instantly.

Just like in other internet messengers, Facebook chat is easy to use, and it’s available once you log into Facebook. The feature allows you to send instant messages that are relayed to the recipient in real time. This is if they are online. As soon as they receive the message, they can send you feedback instantly.

The forth and back messaging process results into a chat. With the new Messenger, additional features are seen such as emoticon, ability to attach files and ease of message delivery.

Features found on the new messenger


The new Facebook chat messenger comes with these features;

  • Ability to deliver the message by clicking enter. Unlike in the past when the only way to deliver a message to the recipient was to only click send using your mouse, Facebook now enables you to chat with your friend by operating on the enter button. This makes it easy to type messages on the chatting window and deliver it fast. The feature is particularly important for those who are chatting fast as they hit the enter button to send while the cursor remains in the chatting window.
  • Pop-up option. Different people like their operating window looking in a way those appeals to them most. In this case, they have the option to open up the chatting window and pop it out. This makes it larger unlike on the bottom of the main Facebook page where some people find it hard to see writings on the page. This can make things easy for users. They just pop it out and chat from the new window.
  • Exciting features.  With the introduction of features such as emoticons, it has become very easy for people to chat on Facebook. Emoticons and smileys are simple graphical icons made of different faces that denote mod. You can use them as a response to what is happening in your chat.
  • Message reception sound. You also have a new option such as sounds when a new message is coming in. With the new Facebook, you can activate this sound to know when a new message is coming in. This will make it easier and quicker to respond to your friend even when you are not working in the chat window. As a result of that, you get to chat with ease.