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Internet Explorer is pretty much passé. But with the upcoming arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft has made some major changes and introduced the new browser, moniker Edge. Of course, Internet Explorer is still there lurking under the surface, but the new Edge browser will you over instantly.

Microsoft, Internet Explorer 8,

These two browsers have in common the privacy options, settings, tabs, the search element which is fired up by Bing and the fact that they have similar speed and performance. However, the Edge browser does rock a fancier look and the big plus is Cortana.

Cortana Included

With the new Edge browser, users will also get to fully experience Cortana on their home PC. This means you can easily find all sorts of images and detailed explanations when you’re on a search quest. Simply right-click and choose Ask Cortana and you’ll have your answer. Because the info is saved on the right, you do not have to quit the page you are on. According to the Microsoft Company, other features will soon be embedded in Cortana and Edge will become even more practical.

Unfortunately, IE is falling back behind on this category and enabling Bing searches is all you get.

Highlighting pages in Web Note

With the Edge browser, you have a feature that permits you to transform the page you’re on into a basic canvas. Here you can scribble all you want and even share or send the page with the rest of your friends.

With IE, you must take the screenshot and then open the latter in either OneNote or Paint and only then scribble and save so that you can later on share it with a friend. Talk about a hassle, right?

Reading mode

If you love reading online and you’re pretty much sick of all the ads that pop-up, you’re not alone in this. The Reading mode incorporated on the Edge browser will help you get rid of all those annoying links and other commercials. IE (only the Windows 8.1 version) also sports a reading View, but unfortunately it is the only one that has this addition.

Share with ease

Because there is a Share button which has been added into the Edge’s navigation bar, sending an interesting page to one of your friends is extremely easy. The browser will “extract” the apps that support the Share option (Twitter and Facebook for instance) and you can immediately share a link.

The same Share element was only included in the Charms Menu (IE for Windows 8).

Other add-ons

IE does come packed with extensions that help the browser function like clockwork. You have Speckie (a spell checker extension), WikiPedia Visual Search which is a great add-on for getting answers from the online encyclopedia. 30 add-ons might not be much, compared to the others extensions found on Firefox and Chrome, but they are pretty useful.


As for the Edge browser, besides the fact that it will have its own extensions, it will also offer full support for the Chrome and Firefox ones. For now this works only in theory as Microsoft will put this idea in practice this upcoming fall season.