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There is no better time than the present to deactivate Adobe Flash Player. Just last week, a major security vulnerability was unveiled by Hacking Team. There are major Flash exploits which have been targeted by cybercriminals and one still presents difficulties for the Adobe team.


The bad news for Adobe is that with the enhancements performed on HTML 5 and the fact that all browses have managed to cope with the latter, developers have no trouble leaving Adobe far behind.

And the situation has worsened due to the “voices” from the tech industry that are demanding Adobe to completely shut down Flash once and for all.

Guide on how to completely remove Flash

If you’re fed up with Flash, then it’s time to say your goodbyes.

  • Head on to start menu (for those of you who have Windows 8- Start Screen) and then enter Programs and Features right into the search that you see in front of you and click the enter button next.
  • Keep an eye out for Adobe Flash Player (see the program list)
  • Then 2x click to open up the uninstall dialog. If you’re on Chrome, you will see a built-in variant of the Flash Player. It is in fact a pretty shielded version, but it also suffered from the damaging exploits performed by Hacking Team.
  • If you want to disable the Flash Player, simply enter chrome://plugins (in the address bar) and your next step is to tap the “disable” icon which should be located under the Flash Player.

Important: It’s best to bookmark the latter page because you might come across sites that will require you to use Adobe Flash Player. So, if this happens you can enable it once more and afterwards simply disable it.


But, prepared to be shocked when you’ll find out that the majority of the existing web sites, currently work without the Flash Player.