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For some time now, Google Maps has been provided its users with the right results.

However, you realized it has stopped working on your device and some other devices you own. There are so many reasons why such issues might be rising. Some of the issues that can be encountered with Google Maps include lack of exit number announcements, wrong exit names, and inability to center themapto specific locations.

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Some Causes of These Issues

There are quite some reasons why you are finding it difficult to center maps on locations. First, you might have restricted Google Maps access to your locations some time back, or your browser might have an error.

Google Maps Resolution

To center Google Maps on your present location, you will need to give Google Maps the permission to get your location. The process is very easy and unique to every browser.

For Google Chrome

Start by opening the browser. After that click menu on the Google Chrome browser toolbar, choose settings, click on ‘show advanced settings’ which you will find at the page’s bottom. Then, click on ‘content settings’ which is in the Privacy section. After that is done, a dialog box will show. Scroll to ‘location’ folder and select your access for requests in the future for the location by clicking ‘allow’.

Here, there are two alternatives: permitting all websites to have access to your location and prompting you when a site makes an attempt to track your physical location. This first gives Google Maps as well as other websites the right to access your location during the second prompts you when all websites request your location. After everything has been changed, click ‘done’.

For Mozilla Firefox – Firefox 3.5 and above

Start by going to and click on ‘lock’, on the left side of the URL in the top bar. Click on ‘more information’. Click on the ‘Permissions’ tab. Under ‘access your location’ you will then have to click ‘allow’.

Firefox 3.1 and below

Start by opening the Firefox browser. After that, click on ‘Tools’, and then click on ‘gears and settings’. Next to the country version of the app you use, click ‘remove’.

For Safari Browser

Open Safari to begin with; click ‘Preferences’ at the top right corner of your computer. Click ‘privacy’ then ‘prompt for every site for one time’. Go to the country version of the app, click on ‘GPS-like’ icon on the bottom right-hand side. If you get a prompt, check the box, ‘Remember my decision and don’t ask again’. Click ‘Allow’.

For Internet Explorer Browser

Open the browser and click on ‘settings’ on the toolbar’s browser. Click ‘InternetOptions’ then ‘security’, ‘trusted websites’ and ‘websites’. Type in the versions of Google Maps you use and be sure that the ‘require server verification’ box has not been checked. Click on ‘Add’ finally.


Bottom Line

So, you can now know some of the reasons why Google Maps is not working perfectly for you and how you can resolve them. Just follow the advice given for every browser in the article. With these recommendations, you will be able to use Google Maps on your device smoothly.