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As expected, the developers of WhatsApp released a new version for Android. This time they’ve released the WhatsApp 2.12.219 APK and it can be downloaded right now from the official Android website.


However, before we teach you how to install WhatsApp 2.12.219 on your Android device, we’re going to tell you about the features that this application comes with on Android OS.


WhatsApp 2.12.219 features

  • Ability to send and receive photos, music and video files
  • Ability to use the new WhatsApp Voice Calling feature and call your friends all over the world for free (make sure that you have enough data plan if you use a mobile internet connection while using Voice Call or use a Wi-Fi network).
  • Ability to join and create group chats in order to talk with two or more users at the same time
  • Ability to use WhatsApp Web allowing you to connect on your WhatsApp account via your Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser on your PC
  • Say goodbye to usernames and passwords, because the WhatsApp application is using only the mobile phone number for authentication
  • The WhatsApp application will scan the contacts from your phonebook and in case it finds mobile phone numbers that are registered on WhatsApp, it will automatically add all of them to your WhatsApp friend list.
  • In case you receive offline messages while being offline, you will receive all of them as soon as you connect to the internet and log into your WhatsApp account
  • Ability to share your location, set custom wallpapers, set notification sounds, send broadcast messages, send email chat history and more.

HINT: We remind you that data charges may apply and we suggest you to ask your provider for more information.

Installing WhatsApp 2.12.219 APK on Android

Since WhatsApp 2.12.219 is currently in BETA you will need to download the APK file from the website. After downloading the APK file on your Android device, activate the Unknown Sources from Settings->Security and install the latest WhatsApp BETA version on your Android device.

Have you tested out the WhatsApp 2.12.219 on your Android device yet? Tell us your thoughts about the latest WhatsApp BETA version!