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If you still haven’t heard about the amazingly well-built Turing phone, you definitely should. The Turing phone is the first phone on the marketplace that has a complete Liquid Metal shell, which makes it a real Transformer-strong and having a shield unlike any phone material designed so far.


If your questions now are: Where can I get it? – you should know that the preorder is limited to the Chinese and the U.S. market starting from July 31st.

While holding your shell-based iPhone or Samsung and worrying when will the aluminum finally crack your screen, bending or cracking the Liquidmorphium Turing Phone is most definitely a difficult mission. Why?

Apparently, the liquid metal called liquidmorphium is a material which is stronger than both titanium and steel and acts amazingly well against shock – protecting what’s inside in the best way possible. With enough pressure to the material, it surely breaks, but hardly bends as the rumors with the iPhone 6.

Reflecting light is yet another difference that the Turing phone holds against the competition, since the liquidmorphium is a clearer material than the aluminum and steel – making it reflective and ultra-shiny.

The interesting thing we all want to hear is that Apple in fact uses liquidmorphium in the iPhone 6. However, this material is used only in the SIM card slot, but rumors are that Apple will fully implement it into the iPhone 7 and be alike this amazingly strong Turing phone. The designer of the Turing phone indeed had a bunch of difficulties when creating the phone, as the liquidmorphium has never supported materials of more than 10 millimeters.

With that being said, we are clearly aware that the Turing phone has led a real liquidmorphium revolution and has made things possible for the competition. And if you think that’s all you will hear, you are wrong.

Not only the Turing phone is shock-resistant and very strong, it is also waterproof! Although there are many ports in the sides of the phones, the Turing Transformer (as we like to call it) bounces off the water molecules at the initial contact.

Moreover, the Turing phone has a side-mounted fingerprint reader. So, instead of unlocking it on the bottom of the screen as with the iPhone or Galaxy models, the thumb perfectly fits the side and with the given fingerprint – unlocks the Turing phone with ease!


Finally, we can say that the Turing phone unveils a new variety of possibilities and opportunities for the mobile market that we’ll likely enjoy in the future. And while waiting, why not try the Turing phone? Of course, if you are American or Chinese, you can pre-order it for $740 (64GB) and $870 (128GB) – prices that definitely cross line of all the mid-range phones now on the market.