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If you haven’t got the time to wander through the App Store, we are today covering the best new and updates apps last month. Basically, we are covering everything from productivity apps to games and new coming apps. So, let’s start.

  1. Pocket


Pocket has been the ultimate life-saver app for the articles you want to read, but you haven’t got enough time to. It is handy and its amazingly responsive – you can even read this article later by saving it on Pocket. Pocket comes with a listen mode as well with which you can also control the speed while listening your article – all made so you enjoy any reading mode you want.

  1. Feeday

If you love Instagram and you are adicted to it, Feeday is the app for you. It gives you the perfect glance of the latest Instagram posts directly from your iOS notification center. Simply, you will notice a tab called Feeday – which is actually this amazing app. When speaking of customization, we must also mention that you get to choose whether you want 3, 6 or 9 tiles of latest Instagram pics from your feed.

  1. Convo

Convo is the ultimate conversation app letting you share your conversations from anywhere – the Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber – into an app which runs smoothly and also with a Share Sheet support – which means sending links is also a feature in the newest update of Convo for iOS.

  1. SayWhat

If you love those new Internet slangs, but you are too lazy to Google them and see what they mean, SayWhat is your pocket app which has a meaning for every slang. Not only you will learn what ‘Face Palm’,’Duck Face’ or ‘Murica’ mean, you can also learn new slangs and share them with your friends.

The app works with people explaining the phrases and is very interactive – you can join it too and resolve some of the biggest Internet slang mysteries.

  1. YouTube

After updating its recognizable player to a new version, YouTube also focused on making the app experience for iPhones better. With a ‘Home’ tab as well as ‘Subscriptions’ and ‘Account’ you can see videos in your history as well as your own uploads in a better way.


Also, the new big thing – you can now watch vertical videos on YouTube in full screen!