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Imagine that you’re witnessing a robbery, a fight or other unpleasant action and you need to take photos as evidence, to help the police identify the bad guys. Or, you see a person in an embarrassing situation and you want to post that image on Facebook, to laugh with your friends about it. But, how can you take photos without being caught when you’re taking the phone out of your pocket?


You can install spy camera applications which will help you take photos without shutter sound and camera preview, but even so, people will still notice that you’re trying to capture pictures of them when they’re falling over, or while walking their dogs and something awkward happens to them. However, you can still take photos without launching your camera application and below we’ll teach you how to do that.

First of all, you need to install a hidden camera application called Quick Camera, which is free and you can find it on the Google Play store. With this application, the shutter sound is disabled and you can easily take secret pictures.

However, you will need to configure your preferences, to take pictures the way you want: with the back camera or the front camera, and what quality should have the photo. If you want to, you can enable notifications for when capturing a picture, and when using the flash.

So, when you are about to capture a unique moment, go to the app drawer and tap on the Take Photo icon. Make sure that you have your phone directed toward the person that will appear in your photo, then tap the icon to take the picture.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any shutter sound and nobody will know that you’re a “paparazzi” looking for some embarrassing moments. The photos you can will be found in the notification drawer, while the Quick Camera folder is in the gallery app.

Have you tried this application yet? Did you upload any funny pictures on Facebook?