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The exact iOS 8.4.1 release date has not been officially leaked, however we recommend you start verifying your software for the update. Of course you do not have to install it, but even if it’s a small one it will make a difference.

Top enhancements

The 8.4 update came out with a new Music platform as well as lots of improvements to the iBooks and the standard bug fixes. Several people though this to be the final update before the IOS 9 release, but Apple proved us wrong once again. Just last month, a new update called iOS 8.4.1 was released by Apple, however it targeted developers mostly.


The latter aimed to strengthen security and to “repair” various glitches and errors. All in all it is paving the way for the new upcoming iOS 9. So, if you just got an iPhone, keep on reading to find out how to deal with Apple’s latest release.

Take your time to install it

If this is your first time setting up an iOS update, you had better do it from home. You might encounter a few setbacks and it can be a true hassle to try and sort them out on your way to work or while you’re out and about. It is important to have all your login info close by, just in case.

Also, time is required when performing this update, so make sure you can spare at least 30 minutes of your time. Because iOS 8.4.1 is a rather small and because it is a beta release, it is not free of problems. Expect the regular connectivity issues and sluggish performance. And any other bug issues that might pop-up will be definitely fixed with the new iOS 9 release.

As far as the installation process is concerned, you can either get the update from iTunes or via OTA. Remember that by installing the iOS 8.4.1, your performance level of the device you are using can be seriously enhanced.


So, it’s definitely worth a shot. And because there is a downgrade procedure available, those of you using iOS 8.4 can try out the iOS 8.4.1 and if you don’t like it, you can simply return to the former variant (attention you have a time limit to do so).