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Are you getting tired of all the junk that has cluttered your email’s inbox? Do you mostly end up losing important electronic mails in the never-ending unnecessary greetings received from loved ones with whom you are not connected with anymore?

Google mail might well have the exact solution for you. With their filters and labels, you can easily do much more with your electronic mail account today.


In this article, we will check out exactly how you can sort through your email and reduce the clutter in your inbox, more structured and easy to access.

Three Separate Inbox

It has been quite some time now since Google mail gave us the built-in filter. Some time ago, all promotional and subscription emails were received and stored in one inbox. It is not the same now. Gmail has sorted its primary inbox under three divided categories specifically; Primary, Social, and Promotions.

All of these categories come with their unique criteria. This gives users the initial sorting. Even as Gmail uses some constant principles for the sake of categorizing emails into these labels, you have the alternative of managing on the same. If you want some of the filtered emails in the social grouping into your main inbox, you only need to pull it once. As soon as this is done, these emails will go directly to your primary inbox from then on.

This is suitable for all three groupings, and this makes email handling very simple. Nevertheless, there is the need for you to be very flexible; don’t you? There are more alternatives for you.

Filtering and Labeling

This is by far is the best method to sort out your email all you want. Labeling will be dealt with first, and then filtering.

Labeling is the method by which you can just add a novel label or impose a current label to a chat or conversation. Should in case you wish to have a chat with a specific individual or even with the same theme sorted collectively; these labels can be used. Also, you just need to open that electronic mail and choose the ‘label as’ alternative.

In the drop-down box, the name of all possible current labels will be seen along with an alternative for ‘create new’ also. You can decide to include one or pick the current label from there if you want a brand new one.

Make Filters

Even where the making of filters is concerned, the method is simple. In the search tab, you will find an alternative to creating new filters. You can decide the condition that you want to make use of for filter making. It can either be a common subject or an email address.


Bottom Line

Today, companies and individuals all over the world use Google mail because they have found it to be a better system to have their emails received in a unique manner. So, with these smart decisions, you can have your Gmail inbox sorted and organized.

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