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With Smartphone’s taking over our lives and developers of these devices enhancing their features, to attract more consumers, learning how to download and install the best apps for users is important.

Samsung is one of the most popular names in the mobile phone manufacturing world, and each year, it releases a new Galaxy S generation model. Using a Samsung Galaxy S5 min can be very exciting, especially with the unique features this device comes with. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini phone is an Android device with access to different apps and software.

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Some apps need to be installed onto the device to make it very easy for users to surf the internet, listen to music, download videos, download pictures, and others. With Google deciding to put an end to Flash Player support in Android Jelly Bean 4.1, and because the Galaxy S5 mini comes developed with 4.2 Kit Kat, Flash Player doesn’t support it.

Why Google Decided to Withdraw Flash Player Support

The cause for Google’s decision to withdraw support for Adobe Flash Player 18 is due to the alternative sources the company wanted to make use of for showing flash content. However, Adobe developers continued to release versions for the newer versions of Android, and there are flash players that are compatible with Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and even the 5.0 Lollipop.

Installing Flash Player 18 on Your Galaxy S5 Mini

To install Adobe Flash Player on your Galaxy S5 mini, there will be the need for you to download the APK file online. If you have not yet upgraded your device to the current Android version, download the precise version of the player that is well-matched with your operating system. With the right steps, installing the player on your Android device can be easily done.

To install APK files from third party sources, you will have to enable an alternative known as ‘Unknown Sources’. So, go to ‘Settings’ on your device, Security and check the box that is in front of the ‘Unknown Sources’. After that, search for the exact Adobe Flash Player version, have it downloaded to your device, and then copy the APK to the same device. Go into the folder where the APK file was copied, and tap on it to install Adobe Flash Player 18.

After this is done, your device will now have the player installed, and you will be able to view multimedia files that are embeddedin sites.

Bottom Line

Every mobile device needs to have some flash player installed on it. However, Adobe Flash Player and its new 18 version should be your best bet if you want to enjoy the benefits that come with having a reliable player installed to it.

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Considering the different features, the phone comes with, there will be the need for you to have the right apps installed to make the phone an exciting device to operate.