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A simple way to have a better day is achieving perfect peace and comfort while you sleep. However, it isn’t always easy to shut out the world when we sleep, especially when surrounded by distracting noise like on a train or airplane. This is why Kokoon, a pair of EEG headphones, built in partnership with Onkyo, is designed to be comfortable whenever you wear them, during naps or a full night’s sleep.

In May 2015 Kokoon Technology launched a Kickstarter campaign for Kokoon headphones, an ergonomic headset that uses medical-grade EEG technology to actively help users achieve better sleep. The headphones offer many sleep-aid techniques, but also able to take calls from pre-selected contacts if need be.

Equipped with hidden EEG sensors, Kokoon monitors the electronic impulses in the wearer’s brain, trying to determine the exact moment of sleep, the different phases of sleep and the perfect point in the natural sleep cycle to awaken.

The headphones automatically adjust and tune the audio to ensure that regenerative deep sleep is protected from disturbances and that users wake at the perfect point in the natural sleep cycle.

A wide range of apps are available to help with things like meditation and lucid dreaming, showing the product’s versatility. A Bluetooth 4.0 connection to a smartphone facilitates the use of the Kokoon app, allowing users to set intelligent alarms for power naps, recovery naps, or a full night’s sleep.

Kokoon features

To ensure quality acoustics, Kokoon partnered with Onkyo and Pioneer Corporation, and also added an effective noise isolation system.

To guarantee comfort while sleeping, Kokoon headphones act as cushions, spreading pressure away from sensitive regions and onto less sensitive areas. They also pair an air ventilation system with cool gel cushioning to avoid trapping hot air and sweat while users sleep. To reduce impact on natural sleep movement, Kokoon is completely wireless, relying on Bluetooth connectivity.

Since the launch of its campaign, Kokoon has become a huge success on Kickstarter, currently funded over $1 million, ten times over its original $100.000 goal. The gadget’s retail price will be $319 but you can order them now for $189 on Kickstarter.

According to Kokoon CEO Tim Antos, the plan is to start shipping Kokoon to Kickstarter backers in February 2016 and to hit the general market later that year.

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