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NeuroLutions, a BCI startup aiming to restore functions to disabled patients, has successfully raised $1.15 million from a group of investors to continue the clinical study of its first product, IpsiHand, which could help patients recover from stroke.IpsiHand is a robotic rehabilitation tool for stroke patients, developed in partnership by Neurolutions and IncWashington University.

The tool has a robotic glove that you wear on your hand and a neurocap that you wear on your head. The BCI headset picks up the patient’s thoughts and sends them to the robotic glove.

To date, NeuroLutions has raised approximately $2 million from previous investors that include Ascension Ventures, BioGenerator, Prolog Ventures and other private investors. Including this most recent round, BioGenerator has now invested $350,000 in the startup.


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