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The NeuroGaming conference is back in San Francisco for a third year and with over 750 attendees, the field is more exciting than ever!Companies are demonstrating the newest and best Electroencephalography (EEG), Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS), and Virtual Reality (VR) devices, along with a variety of biosensors that measure things like heart rate and skin conductance, and motion capture technologies. Games are being developed for both entertainment and clinical purposes, with some falling part way between the two.

This year we are really starting to see a convergence of technologies, for instance the Neuroelectrics combined EEG/TDCS headset,  along with Foc.Us announcing that they will be incorporating EEG sensing technology into the next version of their TDCS device. VR has now become commonplace for people developing new games, and we will no doubt be seeing combined EEG/VR games in the near future.

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Check out our NeuroGaming 2015 – Day 1 photos below

Photo credits Melanie Segado,