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Staying focused for long periods of time can be quite demanding, but these EEG glasses might be able to keep you in the zone. The Narbis glasses, currently running on Kickstarter, will come with lenses that darken when your mind becomes unfocused, and become transparent again when you manage to refocus.

Neurofeedback technology combined with electrochromic lenses – that is what makes this personal brain training device stand out from the crowd.

The patent-pending dry EEG sensors are placed at the top of the head, and also sit on the arms of the glasses so they can connect with the side of your head, too.

Narbis uses Bluetooth as well to connect to your smartphone or tablet, where an accompanying app gives you measurable feedback of your brainwaves’ performance.


“Neurofeedback has proven to be a useful tool in helping people improve their concentration, sleep, memory, anxiety, self-esteem and more. Narbis brings Neurofeedback out of the clinical setting and into your living room, office, airplane seat, park bench or anywhere you are” said Devon Greco, the Philadelphia-based inventor of Narbis, who comes from a family of neuroscientists (read more about his story on Kickstarter).

Narbis comes with 5 training programs -Focus, Performance, Sleep, Calm, Mood-, each aiming to help you improve your brain’s performance through quick and easy training sessions. You can train while you read a book, work at your computer, or even watch TV.

Greco is also creating a platform for developers to conduct research or develop applications for the Narbis.

The final price of the unit is set at $395 (£267) and according to the Kickstarter campaign it will go on sale in December 2015.