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NeuroGaming 2015 marks the third anniversary for the ever sensational NeuroGaming Conference. Once again, hundreds of CEOs, members of the videogame industry, researchers from the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) community, and thousands of neurogaming enthusiasts will come together to push the limits of the neurogaming experience. This year’s addition to neuroGaming is the Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society (ESCoNS) summit where the focus will be on treatment of various brain disorders using neurogames.A variety of panel discussions will cover everything from sensory gaming experiences, to therapeutic neurogaming, to aritificial intelligence. In between the cognitively stimulating panels, over 40 companies will be showcasing the newest and most exciting games the neurogaming world has to offer!

This year, the NeuroGaming conference will be immediately preceded by the ESCoNS summit, where neuroscientists, researchers, and game developers can meet to discuss revolutionary ways to treat various brain disorders using neurogames.

NeuroGaming Hackathon is back, too! A weekend long hackathon between May 2-3 that will precede the NeuroGaming 2015 Conference and Expo. The hackathon is organized by Brainihack as part of the NeuroGaming Conference.

Neurogadget will be on the scene at both events, bringing you conference highlights and interviews with key players in the NeuroGaming scene. Too excited to wait? Review some of our coverage from 2014 and 2013!

What to Expect from ESCoNS?

  • 15 world-renowned neurogaming researchers from across globe
  • 60 research poster presentations from leading scientists/entrepreneurs
  • Organized by ESCoNS scientific steering committee

What to expect from NeuroGaming Conference and Expo 2015?

  • Hear from over 50 companies involved in neurogaming
  • Try out the coolest neurogaming technologies
  • Be amazed from over a dozen mind blowing panels
  • Find out how neurogame design works
  • Learn about how neurogaming is impacting gaming, education, wellness, therapeutics and more

NeuroGaming is the only place that you’ll be able to experience everything from brain-controlled games, to true augmented and virtual reality experiences, so much more.

At NeuroGaming 2015 you’ll also…

  • Find out how neurogaming technologies are creating new growth opportunities
  • See what venture and strategic investors are looking to fund in the space
  • Hear from industry thought leaders and start up veterans on what’s next
  • Learn how neurogaming will impact all facets of the gaming industry
  • Discover new partnering and revenue making opportunities
  • Try out the latest neurogaming technologies for yourself

Date, location and program:

  • ESCoNS Pre-Conference Summit: May 5, 2015
  • NeuroGaming Conference: May 6-7, 2015
  • City View at Metreon, San Francisco
  • Detailed program: