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Synapse is a 3d-printed wearable item that looks like a diadem from an alien world and moves in response to the activities of the brain, producing a shape-changing second skin structure on the head. It is art in its purest form, with no practical use and it is also a reminder -along with last week’s EEG music helmet– that brainwave technology doesn’t only influence medical research, the automotive or the games industry… The field of art equally benefits from consumer EEG devices that take the freedom of creativity to an entirely new level.While the the original meaning of the word synapse is a structure in the nervous system that permits a neuron or nerve cell to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell, in this case Synapse is an experimental project created by Behnaz Farahi, a designer and architect, who aims to effectively control the environment through thoughts.

To be able to play with neural commands Farahi modified a Mindflex headset and used Neurosky’s EEG chip that allows the recording and monitoring of the electrical activity of the brain, produced from the firing of neurons. Synapse translates the neural commands related to the “attention” level into actual motions of the 3D printed cyber helmet. To see this in action, watch the video below.

According to Farahi’s page the helmet was produced using Autodesk’ Object Connex500 3D printing technology, which is able to simultaneously print soft (black) and hard (white) material, providing a soft and flexible structure.

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