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If you support only one BCI crowdfunding campaign this month, make it this one. Flexctrl brain is a stylish 32-channel brain-computer interface packed with the latest technology, waiting for your contribution on Indiegogo.The Flexctrl brain headset aims to provide the capability of observing brain activities in real time, enabled by the use of EEG measurement. The headset is no short of the latest connectivity and sensor solutions: a built-in gyro sensor will detect every movement of the head, Bluetooth and Micro USB will provide high-speed data transmission to mobile devices and even QI wireless charging technology will be supported by the device.

“Flexctrl aims to take brainwaves out of the lab and put them in the hands of anyone with a smart device or computer. Why … to speed up the development of brain technology. Imagine turning the lights on in your home by using your mind or controlling a video game you play just by thinking about it in real time. It’s not far way. Brain power is already being used to help paralyzed patients move their arms – we wanted to speed up development *so we open-sourced the core and rolled it out on Indiegogo.” said Csaba Mester, CEO of Flexctrl Ltd. to Neurogadget. *CORRECTION: after publishing this article Csaba Mester notified us that the above information was incorrect, the core won’t be open-source but the Flexctrl team will provide free SDK and a discussion forum for developers.

Flexctrl brain has been developed since early 2013 and the engineers are working on the prototype to be able to completing the final device in 2015. There is no doubt that the Flexctrl team is truly committed to create a revolutionary device, just check the concept images below. However, as of today only 8 days left of the crowdfunding campaign (UPDATE: the campaign has been extended until February 21, 2015), and a good chunk of the necessary fund is still missing, so head on to the link below to help widen the range of commercially available BCI headsets:

Flexctrl brain project page: